Bliss Co. Organic Herbal Tea

One of Bliss Co.‘s representatives emailed me to see if I’d want to try out some of their products. If you know me, you know I’m basically a tea-aholic, so of course I agreed! Their website is super beautiful and I was immediately drawn to their 100% organic herbal tea blends. These blends are made in Melbourne and sold nationally at naturopathic clinics and health food stores. The teas contain no laxatives, no quick-fix treatments, and no extremes. I’m a huge proponent of that. Plus, a portion of their sales is donated to empower women and children exposed to human trafficking. So, obviously I was impressed. They generously sent me packets of their Slim Bliss and Skin Bliss teas. My skin was in freakout mode when I received them, so I tried the Skin Bliss one first.


Taste: The taste of the Skin Bliss is super delicious. It’s very mild, which I like, and faintly sweet on its own. I haven’t tried the Slim Bliss yet!

Uses: I generally have one cup every morning after my breakfast, or after a long day of class.

Health benefits: The Slim Bliss tea helps to balance appetite, reduce sugar cravings, improve digestion of fats and sugars, and naturally detox and cleanse the body. The Skin Bliss tea helps to detox and cleanse the skin, enhance wound healing, stimulate the immune system, enhance digestion, and reduce oxidative stress.

Overall thoughts: This company was so incredible and kind in our email correspondence. I really like their philosophy and am a huge supporter of giving back, which is a large part of their mission. I’m definitely going to be drinking a lot of this tea from now on!


2 thoughts on “Bliss Co. Organic Herbal Tea

  1. Hi,

    Did you find that the Skin Bliss tea actually improved your skin though? I have eczema which I’m struggling to get rid of, but am cynical and wary of what products I buy as most are just gimmicks.

    Thank you


    • Hi Karina,
      Thanks for your comment! I definitely found that it helped my skin, at least in the short term. I have very hormonally-driven skin, which means that I can’t really affect what it does at certain times of the month, etc. 🙂 But it definitely helped calm down some of the discoloration I have and some of the less even areas. For eczema, I’m not sure. You might need something stronger than a tea depending on how severe it is. I hope that helps!


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