Simple Squares Review

I’m not quite sure how I found out about Simple Squares. I think I stumbled upon their page while browsing Instagram one day, but I immediately knew I wanted to try their products, square-shaped fruit and nut bars. They make  They looked too good to resist! As their name suggests, they contain very simple whole food ingredients with many different flavor combinations. So far I’ve tried the Rosemary, Choc-Coco, and Coconut, but Square Bars was kind enough to send me one of each. They’re really unique as far as bars go, and the philosophy of their company is great. Here are my thoughts.


Taste: The taste of the three bars I’ve tried have been kind of similar, but each has a nuanced flavor where the “special” ingredients come through. For example, the rosemary bar definitely tastes like rosemary, just not in every bite. However, as I haven’t tried them all yet, I definitely expect the Cinna-Clove and Coffee versions to have stronger flavors. The “base” taste comes from the cashews, almonds, honey, coconut, vanilla, and a pinch of salt, which is obviously a winning combination. Definitely good to note for strict vegans that these bars do contain honey.

Health Benefits: The nuts and coconut contain vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Good for skin!

Uses: I like to eat these on-the-go (they’re calorically dense), or crumbled up on top of a smoothie bowl!

Overall thoughts: I was impressed by these bars. I think the flavors of some of them could have been even stronger, but the texture was really unique. They’re crumbly and have a good bite to them, as they’re also faintly chewy. I expect to see more great things from this company in the future. Their customer service was great and they were super generous and quick to send me bars to try!


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