Drink Bai Review

The Bai company has been super fun to work with. They’ve sent me an abundance of drinks to try, and have been so motivating and encouraging in my interactions with them. They have such a cool and fun-loving team, and their products are fantastic. I’ve used their drinks as mixers, energy boosts before workouts, and just to sip on. But I also incorporated them into other fun breakfasts and have featured them a couple times on my Instagram. Here are my thoughts about the Bai5 Antioxidant Infusion drink line:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.39.52 PM

Taste: My favorite flavors so far have been the Brasilia Blueberry, Molokai Coconut, and Congo Pear. The drinks tend to be on the sweeter side, so they work well when mixed with sparkling water or seltzer.

Uses: I’ve incorporated their drinks into smoothie bowls, açaí bowls, pancakes, and chia pudding. All have turned out well!

Health Benefits: All of their drinks are packed with antioxidants and made with filtered water, natural sweetener (Stevia), organic fruit, tea extracts, and natural flavors.

Overall Thoughts: I’ve really enjoyed working with Bai and featuring their products. They’re definitely making a name for themselves, and for a good reason!


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