Barney Butter Review

I was absolutely dying to try Barney Butter after seeing their samples displayed at the counter of my favorite café. I’ve tried them a couple times and browsed their website to get a sense of their product range. I was super excited when they agreed to send me some samples of their whole range of almond butters to test out for myself! Let me tell you, it’s been a bit dangerous having such easy access to almond butter (their little squeeze packets make getting that almond butter straight into your mouth so easy…) and the different flavors were so great to play around with. I’ve been having lots of fun mixing them into my favorite recipes. Here are my thoughts about their products.


Taste: The flavors I was sent were all mini squeeze-packs, which was totally perfect because I got to try them all without actually eating a jar of each (not that I wouldn’t have done that…) I received their Smooth and Crunchy Almond Butter, as well as Raw + Chia, Vanilla Bean + Espresso, Cocoa + Coconut (my personal favorite), and Honey + Flax. The taste of each is unique and true to the name. The Vanilla Bean + Espresso one is a bit more bitter, while the Raw + Chia one has an awesome crunchy texture from the chia seeds. I loved them all!

Uses: I’ve incorporated these almond butters into so many things. They make steel cut oatmeal super creaming, and add an awesome flavor to pancake and waffle batter. They’re obviously also great in smoothies or spread on banana with a dash of granola and cinnamon on top.

Health Benefits: They use whole, simple ingredients (with no added salt or sugar in their “Bare” Smooth Almond Butter). Nut butters are generally a good source of healthy fats and Vitamin E, as well as Magnesium and fiber.

Overall Thoughts: I’ve really enjoyed the Barney Butter products and definitely will continue using them in the future. They’ve been super kind in sending me these products to try out and I highly recommend them.


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