Justin’s Almond Butter Review

I reached out to the incredible team at Justin’s after basically being overwhelmed with the need to try out their vanilla almond butter. I mean, come on. It’s like the two best flavors combined into one. They were kind enough to send me some coupons for freebies, like a peanut butter cup and a mini squeeze-pack, so naturally I used that to get my paws on some of that vanilla goodness. Here are my thoughts!


Taste: Well, do you really think it wasn’t delicious? Cause it was, it was SO good. I love how simple and sweet the flavors are, and the texture of the grind on the almond butter. Perfect in every way.

Uses: Oatmeal, smoothie bowls, slathered on toast, slathered on banana, slathered on dates, pawed out of the jar with my hands… wait, what? Kidding, haha. Maybe. No but seriously, it is good on just about everything. A breakfast staple if there ever was one.

Health Benefits: This particular flavor only 6 ingredients (including palm oil, which I usually try to avoid, but the oil they use is sustainably sourced), and as you know almonds are a great source of healthy fats to keep you full and satiated, and help to slow the effects of sugars in the fruits you might eat in the same meal.

Overall Thoughts: LOVE. That is all. Thank you Justin’s!


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