Mazra Foods Review

I was contacted by the amazing team at Mazra Foods to see if I wanted to do a collaboration with them. I checked out their line of products and was immediately enticed by their all-natural and super fun bars. They sent me a box of them to try, which came at the perfect moment because I was in the middle of a crazy week at school and desperately needed some portable snacks to carry around with me. Lots of bars on the market nowadays are loaded with unhealthy and over-processed ingredients, so I was really excited to try a more natural take on the typical seed-and-nut bars. Here are my thoughts:


Taste: I loved all three varieties of these, but I think the banana maple walnut was my favorite (because I’m a total sucker for anything with maple). The mango coconut pecan bars were also delicious, and you could totally taste the mango, which I loved! These bars aren’t too sweet, which is great because I find that to be an issue with a lot of the bars out there.

Uses: Eaten on the go, at class, work, in the car, etc.! You could also crumble them up and put them on top of smoothies.

Health Benefits: Nuts and seeds are high in healthy fats that keep you full, and the bars contain no added sugar or peanuts. Most of the ingredients are organic, and everything is natural. They’re relatively low in sugar and contain a good amount of protein. Strict vegans should note that they do contain honey.

Overall Thoughts: The people at Mazra Foods are absolute superstars, and were so generous in sending me these products to try. I will definitely be going back for more!


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