Moon Juice Shop Review

I had been so excited to try some of the super fun and incredibly interesting products from Moon Juice Shop ever since I saw them featured on one of my favorite food blogs. After browsing their site for the better part of an hour, I contacted them to see if they’d be interested in a collaboration. They suggested I sample some of the products from their “Cosmic Provisions” line. I was already hooked on just about everything I’d seen, so the most difficult part of this was just picking out what I wanted to try. In the end, I chose their Activated Hazelnut, Mulberry & Cacao Crunchers, Activated Dulse & Vinegar Almonds, and Raw Cacao Truffles. But I really wanted to tell them: can you send me one of everything? I can’t wait to try more! Here are my thoughts:


Taste: I really enjoyed the taste of the Hazelnut Crunchers. They’re a bit sweet, so they’re better as a dessert/treat-y snack than as a regular go-to, but they’re made with great ingredients: coconut nectar, cacao nibs, mulberries, and pink salt. The coconut nectar is what gives them their sticky texture and sweetness. The almonds are made with apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, dulse, pink salt, and shiitake mushrooms. They’re definitely savory and salty in flavor, and you can pick up the soy-like flavor from the liquid aminos. They’re great when you’re craving a crunchy and super flavorful snack! And finally, the raw chocolate truffles! These aren’t on their site anymore, but I loved the flavor and they were filled with a delicious sweet filling, so I’m sure their other raw chocolates are great.

Uses: I basically just snacked on the almonds, but they would be great on top of salads or other savory dishes. I loved having the hazelnuts as a snack or on top of smoothie bowls. And the cacao truffles were great for dessert or as an afternoon boost.

Health Benefits: Activated nuts have a greater nutrient density than normal raw nuts, and are also more easily digestible. Raw cacao is loaded with antioxidants, and the nuts themselves are full of healthy fats.

Overall Thoughts: Loved these snacks! They were great and very different from the norm. I highly recommend checking out their website and browsing around for some new goodies!


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