Wonderfully Raw Review

So the first time I experienced the amazing line of products from Wonderfully Raw was when I picked up a bag of their Brussel Bytes at my local grocery store. I usually don’t buy snack-y things like this, but they looked really interesting and contained a lot of good-for-you ingredients, so I figured why not? Little did I know I’d just grabbed a bag of the most addictive snacks ever created. I honestly don’t know what this company does to make these taste so good, but they were phenomenal and I ate all of them in the parking lot straight out of the bag… which is also not something I (typically) do. They’re just that good. So I contacted Wonderfully Raw and asked if they’d want to do a collaboration. I already knew I loved their Brussel Bytes, and this time around they sent me their Snip Chips and Coco Roons. Here are my thoughts!


Taste: I absolutely adored the taste of both of these. The Coco Roons are basically like a raw maracoon, made with coconut and then other flavors depending on which version you get. They sent me the lemon pie, almond strawberry, orange dreamsicle, and cacao nib ones. I think the lemon pie were my fave. They’re mini and so fun to take to class or work as a little pick-me-up. The orange dreamsicle ones taste like a creamsicle mixed with coconut… in solid form. I can’t explain it, but they brought me back to childhood memories of eating orange creamsicle ice pops. Then there’s the Snip Chips, which I seriously just have no words for. I think if I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be these. They sent me the chipotle lime cilantro flavor, and I was basically swooning. I tried to savor them and make them last a few days (they come in awesome re-sealable packages) but they were gone pretty quickly. They have little flecks of toasted coconut and if you know me, you know I eat my weight in parsnips pretty much every week, so these were just SPOT ON.

Uses: Eaten straight from the bag, ’nuff said.

Health Benefits: All of their products are organic, live, gluten free, non GMO, and vegan. Plus they taste amazing. Parsnips are high in vitamins, fiber, omegas, and potassium, and coconut is high in healthy fats. But seriously when something tastes this good and is vegan, I don’t need to think twice.

Overall Thoughts: This company was just unbelievably generous in sending me so many fun things to try out. I would seriously go check out their site if I were you; you can’t go wrong. But for real, try out those Snip Chips. I’m craving them all over again.


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