S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Review

I am a firm believer that what you put on your body is just as important as the food you put in it. Your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on it gets absorbed rapidly into your body. I’ve gone through crazy amounts of different body and skincare products, trying to find what works for my combination skin. I’ve tried being as low-maintenance as possible, I’ve tried coconut oil, expensive moisturizers, not-so-expensive ones, you name it. I felt like my skin never really responded very differently to anything in particular, and my main breakouts are hormonal. As soon as I started using the line of products by S.W. Basics of Brooklyn, I actually (no joke) noticed a change. My usual monthly breakout was lessened by quite a bit, and I was incredibly grateful for that. After using the cleanser and toner for a few days, it was really an immense transformation. My skin didn’t feel weighted down at night and I really loved using these in the morning too. They really pared this system down to an understandable and amazing line of easy-to-use products. I loved that the ingredients are SO simple and natural, and the instructions are one-step and listed clearly on the packaging (the little bottles are also absolutely beautiful). I already need and want more of everything, and I’m dying to try not only their other products but also want to get my hands on their adorable makeup bags. These mini kits would be perfect for any sort of travel, too! So needless to say I really hope you guys check out their line. Plus they’re just the nicest people ever. We need way more companies like this out there! They sent me their “bestsellers mini kit” which contains four products: cleanser, toner, makeup remover, and cream. Here are my thoughts about each specific product.


Cleanser: I adored the cleanser. It’s really light and sheer, and doesn’t bubble or foam, so you’re tempted to think it’s not doing anything, but it so is! Plus, it only contains a couple ingredients and is basically odorless. I loved that. Added fragrance is something I’m going to try super hard to avoid in the future, because it just isn’t necessary, and can be harmful to your skin. The cleanser washes off super easily and left my skin feeling really light and free of any yucky stuff that had landed on it during the day.

Toner: I was pretty obsessed with this toner. I am really used to the smell of apple cider vinegar, so it didn’t bother me at all, and I actually felt like it made my skin that much more vibrant and fresh. I’m already running out of it! SOS.

Makeup Remover: This stuff is GREAT. It totally blew my mind that something other than a makeup removing wipe would take off my makeup so well. It tackles stubborn mascara and eye makeup like a champ, and doubles as a really great moisturizer. It also contains only a few ingredients, all of which I could actually name and pronounce. Win win win.

Cream: I haven’t used the moisturizer that much so far, because my skin is rarely dry. However, I think it’ll be great for winter months and it smells really nice, fresh, and mild. Again, it’s made with only a few ingredients, all of which I could pronounce and which were familiar to me. I liked to dab it on any spots that need a little extra TLC, like around my nose.

Mask: I’ve only used the hibiscus mask a few times so far, but I absolutely love it. It goes on like a liquid but quickly hardens up into a thick paste. It contains only three ingredients and I really liked the smell. It washes off really easily when you’re done and left my skin feeling super refreshed.


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