Nature’s All Foods

Nature’s All is one of the product lines of the Natierra company, and it makes freeze-dried fruits (including chocolate-covered ones!) and veggies. The company is also big in the superfood biz, with all sorts of popular superfood products in its inventory (chia seeds, goji berries, pink himalayan sea salt, and more!) I’d been a big fan of their freeze-dried fruits for awhile (mainly the raspberries) so I contacted them to see if they’d want to do a collaboration with me. They kindly sent me a bunch of their products to try, including freeze-dried mango, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate-covered strawberries! I was so excited because I knew I already loved their raspberries. Here are my thoughts:


Taste: If you’ve never had freeze-dried fruit before, it’s kind of amazing. You can eat it straight up and it’s kind of crunchy, but it’s also great if you kind of let it soften by eating it more slowly, and it develops this kind of chewy consistency. Each fruit tastes like a dried version of the original fruit. The pineapple and mango were especially sweet and delicious, while the berries were more tart, as you would expect. The chocolate-covered strawberries were really amazing and the sweetness of the chocolate was perfect with the berries.

Uses: I love to eat these straight out of the packets (they don’t last long…), especially the mango and pineapple. They make good snacks for on the go and travel very well. I also really loved topping my smoothie bowls with them, adding them on top of raw vegan slices, mixing them into non-dairy yogurt or cereal, or even adding them to fresh berries for an interesting texture contrast.

Health benefits: All of the freeze-dried products from Nature’s All contain no added sugar, are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, raw, vegan, and are chosen when they’re ripe and ready to be eaten before being freeze-dried. They’re great for an added boost of energy during your day.

Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed all of the products that I was sent. Everything disappeared from my pantry within a couple days! I can’t wait to try their freeze-dried veggies next.


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