Organic Gemini Review

I think one of the first times I saw tigernuts was actually when I was on vacation in Turks & Caicos Islands in December of 2014! I saw bags of them at the grocery store and was very intrigued, but I never got to try any. So when the lovely team at Organic Gemini contacted me to try out some of their tigernuts and tigernut flour, I was really excited. Tigernuts are actually – to my own surprise – not nuts,  but rather small root veggies! How exciting, right?! And the flour is made up of just ground up tigernuts. So now that we’ve covered the basics, here are my thoughts.


Taste: So the taste of the tigernuts themselves takes a little while to get used to. They’re really good when you’ve soaked them for a little while, because in my opinion they get easier to chew and are a little easier on the stomach. That being said, you can eat them straight out of the bag if you want! The taste is unlike many other things, but my best comparison would be somewhere between a chestnut and a hazelnut, with the texture being closer to a hazelnut, and even crunchier when eaten raw. As for the flour, it has a delicious nutty flavor that slightly resembles hazelnut butter mixed with almond butter. Super yummy in baked goods, like cookies or pancakes!

Uses: So far I’ve just been snacking on the tigernuts either raw or soaked for a couple hours and drained. They’re great that way but could potentially be blended up to into a diverse range of snacks, bliss balls, or a raw vegan slice with a high powered blender or food processor. For the tigernut flour, I’ve tried using it in pancakes and cookies! The flour acts similarly to coconut flour, so a little goes a long way, especially in pancakes/crepes/etc. You can also blend the flour into smoothies!

Health benefits: Tigernuts are a potent source of resistant starch, which is a prebiotic fiber (aka what the probiotics in our gut eat) that helps us stay fueled because they resist digestion better than other foods. Both the tigernuts and tigernut flour are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, paleo, nut-free, kosher, vegan, and raw!

Overall thoughts: I was definitely pleasantly surprised by these two products and they’re great to have around the kitchen. I am super excited to continue experimenting with them!


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