Granolee Review

I’ve been a huge huge fan of Lee of @leefromamerica (check out her website here and her instagram here) ever since I saw one of her smoothie bowls featured on the Free People’s blog. I starteed following her on Instagram and if you haven’t already checked her out, you have to. Her smoothie bowls are basically second to none and are both completely stunning to look at and I’m sure taste absolutely delicious. She also has amazing style and is just a super cool gal. So anyway, I saw recently that she was starting a business selling her incredible granola (Granolee!) and she was kind enough to send me a test batch. Here are my thoughts!

11208119_1622083164675450_531357918_nTaste: Super different than most other granolas I’ve tried. Absolutely nothing like anything storebought (in the best way possible) in that it’s really crunchy with a hint of saltiness. I love trying other people’s granola because it always surprises me how different granola can be when I’m not the one making it. Lee’s recipe is obvs super secret, but what I can say is that it’s just delicious, not overly sweet (a major plus in my book) and I was eating it straight out of the bag from the moment I got it.

Uses: Other than eating it right out of the bag, I did save some for a couple of smoothie bowls, one of which is pictured above. I definitely don’t have the artful smoothie bowl-decorating mastery that Lee has, so my granola could probably be described as “strewn” over these bowls, but they were nonetheless completely delicious. Of course, I also imagine that this granola would be great on top of yogurt or with some almond or cashew milk.

Health benefits: It’s vegan and made with only a few ingredients, all of which are good for your body and soul.

Overall thoughts: Love it, love it, love, it. Send me more Lee! And to all of you, I highly suggest checking out her site and getting your hands on some!



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