Lük Beautifood Review

Recently the Lük Beautifood company to try out their amazing range of lip nourish sticks! I decided to choose the Vanilla & Cinnamon “flavor” because I loved the idea of a nude lip tint that would be super nourishing and perfect for summer. Here are my thoughts!


Uses: Well, this part is pretty self-explanatory! It’s a natural lip tint, and both hydrates and nourishes your lips while making them smell awesome and protecting them from becoming dry.

Health: Their lipsticks are lightweight and relatively sheer, so you don’t feel like you’re putting something excessively sticky on your lips. They use pure food oils and mineral pigments (no carmine or synthetic ingredients!)

Overall thoughts: I absolutely loved this product and am thrilled to use it throughout the summer as my go-to lip tint. It’s also fabulous for on-the-go, travel, etc.! Thank you to the wonderful and generous team at Lük!


One thought on “Lük Beautifood Review

  1. […] I made this parfait shortly before jetting off on a quick flight to DC for the weekend, and was super excited that my shipment from Lük Beautifood had arrived the week before — their lip nourish sticks (and other products) are made with 100% natural ingredients, including natural fruit extracts! You can read more about this in my review here. […]


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