Squarebar Review

Recently I was lucky enough to get to try a product that I’d been seeing quite frequently on social media. Several of the people I follow have been raving about Squarebar, and so I’d been dying to try then and share my own thoughts. I was sent a sample pack including all of their flavors, which include Cocoa Crunch, Cocoa Coconut, Cocoa Cherry, Cocoa Almond. and Cocoa Mint. Hope you check them out!

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Taste: Overall these bars impart a strong chocolate flavor, so they’re great if you’re a cocoa-lover. Each one has a subtly different taste; the cherry one is obviously more fruity, and the coconut one was my favorite because of the subtle fruitiness of the coconut. The texture of the bars is a bit dense, which makes you want to eat them slowly, and with some sort of beverage.

Uses: I’ve just been popping these in my bag before class or work and eating them on the go. They would probably also be great crumbled up over smoothies or banana ice cream, or mixed in with some yogurt.

Health Benefits: These bars are organic, non-GMO project verified, gluten-, dairy-, soy-, peanut- and corn-free, low glycemic (sweetened with coconut nectar), and are vegan. They contain no added flavors, and are all coated in a very decadent and rich chocolate. They also contain 12 grams of complete protein per bar. They’re not necessarily a great source of any vitamins or minerals, but they do contain about 10% of your daily fiber and 230mg of potassium (about 6% of your daily recommended value). Last, they’re relatively low in fat considering their size and how dense they are.

Overall Thoughts: These bars are extremely useful for taking on the go: they really fill you up and give you pretty lasting energy. They’re also not overly sweet, which I always appreciate in a bar-like snack. I would recommend these if you’re someone who enjoys a rich chocolate but also wants to avoid a sugar crash. Overall I really enjoyed them!


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