On a recent trip to Whole Foods (or maybe not so recent, as it was about a month ago), I was buying a bunch of drinks to stash in my apartment during our school’s end-of-year festivities, when I knew I would be on the go frequently bouncing between friends’ houses, and would need something that I could quickly stash in my bag that I would actually want to drink later on, and which would keep me hydrated. My eyes landed on a juice I hadn’t seen before, called WTR MLN WTR (Watermelon Water), and I was enticed, so I bought one. I tried it later on and was absolutely smitten with the flavor. It tastes like you would imagine a watermelon juice to taste like, but with a slight tanginess that I really loved. These juices were amazing and my entire family loved them too, so I knew I wanted to work with this company and get to know their product a bit better. Here are my thoughts!


Taste: The taste was what initially blew me away about these drinks. They’re sweet, but not too sweet, and if you want to add a splash to your favorite infused water, they work great for that too. They’re also super refreshing and hydrating, unlike lots of other store-bought juices. You can definitely taste the watermelon, but the lemon adds a nice kick that I enjoyed.

Uses: Unscrew the cap, and drink up! 😉 I also liked to add a splash of the juice to my water if I just felt it needed a little boost.

Health Benefits: Their juices contain watermelon flesh and rind as well as organic lemon. NO water is added (which is a huge plus). The juices contain 6 times the electrolytes of sports drinks, 740mg of Potassium (over 20% of your RDV!), L-Citruline which helps fuel your muscles (and workouts!), NO added sugar, 60% of your RDV of vitamin C, and a decent amount of lycopene and magnesium as well.

Overall Thoughts: I really enjoyed working with this company and was thrilled that they sent me over a whole case! I would definitely recommend this and would of course drink it again.


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