Earnest Eats Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out some products from Earnest Eats, a company I’d found when looking up fun travel-friendly snacks and breakfast ideas to carry with me on some summer road trips. I absolutely have to be prepared when I travel. I’ll often bring entire separate carry-on bags or weekend bags just to contain my food. But hey, a girl’s gotta be ready for anything, right? Travel-friendly snacks are a great way to supplement local produce that you pick up when you arrive at your final destination. It’s also helpful for the beach, when you want something that won’t go bad and will stay fresh throughout the day. I was so excited to try the different flavors of Earnest Bars and Hot & Fit cereals when I spent a few days in the Hamptons, that I usually brought one of each with me to the beach every day. I tried a selection of their energy bars and a few types of their Hot & Fit cereals. Be sure to check out their full product range here. Here’s what I thought!

Energy-Bars2*Image from site

Taste: These might have been some of my favorite energy bars EVER. Which is a huge deal, because I’ve tried so many in my lifetime that I’ve completely lost count. What I can say is that the bars are packed with flavor and actually taste like what they’re supposed to. In other words, they don’t all taste the same. My favorite was the chocolate peanut butter one, because I grow weak at the prospect of consuming any and all types of nut butter. But I also loved the cran lemon zest, which had a sweet and tangy flavor, and slightly sour from the lemon, in a very good way. The bars are small, so you don’t tire of the flavors by the time you finish them. They’re also relatively light, despite being calorie-rich, which isn’t something you find with most bars out there. The hot & fit cereals were also phenomenal. I ate most of mine chilled, in the form of overnight oats, rather than heating them up (since it is summertime). I would pour in about 1/3 cup of almond milk, add a teaspoon of chia seeds, some nuts, and a handful of berries, stir, and take them on my way. They were incredibly portable and the flavors developed deliciously as the day went on. They made the perfect light lunch, usually paired with extra fruit. I especially enjoyed the blueberry & chia seed version. They were also great heated up in the traditional way you would make oats, so I recommend you try both preparations.

Uses: As stated, these products travel well and are great to take on vacation when you think your breakfast and snack options might be limited. They’re also just great staples to keep around the house.

Health Benefits: All of their energy bars are free of added faux-vitamins and protein powders. They’re also free of corn, peanut, and soy oils, and are made with whole fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and roasted almond butter. They’re vegan, wheat free, and contain 5g of protein per serving. They’re 100% natural and high in omega-3s. They’re relatively high in calories, so they keep you full for awhile. They do contain a bit of fat and sugar, which is important to keep in mind when it comes to your overall fat and (added) sugar intakes for the day. Usually I don’t go for products with any added cane syrup, but all of the other ingredients are definitely A+. The Hot & Fit cereals are also vegan and wheat free, and are nut free and non-GMO. They’re made with grains, seeds, and spices, with small amounts of added cane sugar found only in the dried fruit. I loved that they don’t add sugar to the grain mix itself, like most packaged cereals do. Each serving contains 6g of protein and 5g of fiber per serving.

Overall thoughts: I loved all of the products I got to try, and would recommend them if you’re looking for easy on-the-go foods. Plus they were a super fun company to work with. Definitely check out the Earnest Eats site for more info and to check out their other products!


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