Next Organics Review

I am always looking for fun snacks when I’m on vacation or on the road. When I was in Long Island, NY, I re-discovered an old favorite of mine: Next Organics. On that stop, I grabbed a bag of their chocolate covered coconut chips, and I’d previously tried some of their other chocolate covered treats. When I jumped on their website, it looked like they had tons of new stuff, and I was dying to get my hands on more! So I was super grateful when they sent over a lovely mix of new things to try: chocolate covered ginger, chocolate covered quinoa pops, and chocolate covered bananas. My sweet tooth was obviously in heaven, and so I thought I’d write up a review and share my thoughts with you.


Taste: I am especially partial to the chocolate covered coconut, but the chocolate covered bananas had such an interesting sweet taste and subtle, chewy texture. Chocolate and banana is probably my favorite food combination of all time, so these hit the spot. The quinoa was crunchy and really paired well with the sweetness of the chocolate. They reminded me a bit of these crunchy chocolate candy bars I used to love as a kid. I’d never tried chocolate paired with ginger before, but it was a great combination and the ginger provided a lovely kick of tangy spiced flavor.

Uses: I most commonly eat these snacks on their own when I am craving a little sweet bite after dinner, but they’re also fantastic on smoothie bowls for a more decadent topping, or mixed into granola or trail mix!

Health benefits: Next Organics doesn’t use any preservatives or additives, and the products I tried are non-GMO and suitable for vegans. They contain soy but are gluten-free. They’re high in fiber and contain no trans fats.

Overall thoughts: I really liked these! They really hit the spot when I’m craving something sweet, and work well in a variety of sweet meals. I would definitely recommend them if you’re a chocolate consumer, or just want to try some new chocolate pairings.


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