Brewla Bars Review

In the middle of summer, NOTHING beats a sweet fruity ice pop. Reminiscent of my childhood, most of the ones I’ve seen on the market are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients, which isn’t as tempting as it was when I was eight. This fact made it even more wonderful when Brewla, a company based in Brooklyn that makes all-natural ice pops, contacted me to try out some of their flavors. Here are my thoughts!


Taste: I tried their cherry pomegranate & red tea; peach, ginger & white tea; and strawberry & hibisicus tea. My favorite (and my roommate’s) was the pomegranate & red tea, which we decided had the most robust flavor. I loved the ginger & white tea as well, which has a mildly sweet taste without being cloying. They also make a root beer float flavor contains milk, and a tropical fruits & white tea flavor.

Uses: Unwrap and enjoy!

Health benefits: These bars are all natural, and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. They’re low-calorie and but are packed with interesting flavors, as I mentioned. Their ingredients are craft-brewed and are certified kosher. They are suitable for vegans (except the root beer float flavor) and are boosted with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Some of them contain caffeine.

Overall thoughts: I would totally recommend these if you’re in the area and want something that’s sweet and super appropriate for summer. I love that they cool you down without being a massive sugar hit, and give you a boost of electrolytes and/or vitamins! Super tasty and such a fun summer snack.


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